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WiFlux will power charge your phone wirelessly…with a card!

WiFlux will power charge your phone wirelessly…with a card!
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£25 Credit-card-sized WiFlux Lets You Charge Your Mobile Wirelessly While on go

We are already over flooded with devices in our daily life, from smartphone to laptops and smart watches lately. But most of us also have an active lifestyle and are most of the time on the go, working or traveling. Our phones are smart and we do use them a lot, but the battery life cannot keep the pace with the hardware and energy consumption of these cool gadgets. Of course, there are already on the market spare batteries for phone but they are quite bulky and heavy to carry.

A Singapore based company called WiFlux seems to have found a very smart solution to the battery life issue. The product is a credit card like battery device that charges the phone wirelessly and to do so it uses an inductive coil in charging circuitry that fits into packaging that is 72mm x 55mm x 5.5mm. The card itself will be charged via a USB port that is integrated into the card.

The inventor, Raffi Ismail said about the product that:

“In order to keep up with the pace of modern power consumption, many resort to carrying additional power packs in an effort to remain connected in this wireless world. Portable charging in this manner seems like the stone age, especially when wireless charging and ultra-thin lithium polymer batteries are already a reality.”

WiFlux is currently only compatible with:

  • Samsung Galaxy (S2, S3 and S4)
  • iPhone 4, 4S and 5

The portable charging battery will charge the phone only 50% of the battery total, but it’s a good boost for the size it has.

The WiFlux project is seeking $100,000 to begin production of its lithium polymer (li-po) battery tech that can charge any device wirelessly.They have 54 more days to hit the their financing goal.

The price is £25, but early-bird backers can reserve one for £22.30, or order a customised version for £127.

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